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Much has been written about the mechanisms of social control that have appeared in China since And especially many publications are.
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Dismantling the digital dystopia - Lizzie O'Shea & John Postill in...

They were numbered for purposes of coherence, thought the numbers changed for each meeting. As far as they were concerned, they were just a bunch of beetles — nine, to be precise. The vignette of these enormous beetles, raising their virtual mandibles in ethical dispute, is too Gregor Samsa for words — and the comedy is cut with some powerfully political allusions.

Crucial scenes where characters whistleblow, leak data, and destroy hard drives echo the stories of Assange and Snowden, Rusbridger and Cadwalladr.

Digital Dystopia

One answer is to be found in the quality of her writing. She even makes us feel a glimmer of sympathy for the repugnant Guy as he tries to repair his marriage. Fiction, she suggests, is necessary because its intelligence is real, not artificial. Giving Australians the chance to review the legislation and provide their feedback is good procedure for legislation of this complexity.

Digital Dystopia

The range and depth of criticism raised by this draft legislation has been overwhelming — from privacy experts, technology companies, civil liberties advocates, cryptographers, and telecommunications providers. The brief consultation period also generated an enormous reaction from the Australian public, with 15, people writing to the government in defence of their right to communicate securely.

Frequently we are told that people do not care about their privacy — and indeed this has become the dominant wisdom for many of those lurking in the halls of Canberra. But this strong and sophisticated response makes it clear the public is engaged and concerned.

When given the chance, people do take an active interest in the laws that impact them, and they want to protect their rights.

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So it was chilling to witness the contempt with which government politicians appear to treat democratic processes, as demonstrated by the list of legislation approved by the Coalition party room, which will be introduced to Parliament in this session, including the Assistance and Access Bill, which contains only minor amendments. Clearly, this consultation is nothing more than a show for the cameras — a measure designed to tick a box rather than a genuine engagement with a populace who stand to be even more surveilled without due cause.

To add insult to injury, the Department of Home Affairs have reneged on a long-standing best practice of publishing all submissions, putting up another obstacle to transparency and accountability.

The plot moves from the Black Mesa facility part of the first game to City 17, a dystopian planet taken over by the Combine—an intergalactic alien species. Set in the s, BioShock follows the travails of a castaway, Jack, in the underwater metropolis of Rapture. Jack must go against Andrew Ryan, the business magnate who created Rapture.

What was once intended to be an isolated utopia falls into the throes of civil war and chaos after the discovery of a mysterious genetic element, ADAM, which is the key to superhuman abilities. The game uses narratives that draw on concepts like objectivism and American exceptionalism. Developers of the series also took inspiration from 20th century utopian and dystopian thinkers like George Orwell and Ayn Rand.

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It is set in the year and follows Adam Jensen, the security head of Sarif Industries—a leading company known for its controversial work in artificial organs, or augmentations. Jensen undergoes extensive augmentation after an attack and must use his new-found cybernetic abilities to hunt down the perpetrators. This 8-bit themed puzzle game leaves the user with one simple question: What would you do if you had the power to allow or deny someone admission to a country?

In Papers, Please, you play the role of an immigration officer who must monitor the flow of people trying to enter the fictional dystopian country of Arstotzka after war with a neighbouring nation has ended.