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Book review: Taimanov's Selected Games. by Mark Taimanov (tr. Ken Neat) Cadogan ([[sterling]]?.??) viii+pp. Among the cream of chess literature.
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Petersburg woman called Polina. Polina was running late. Chess was his life, his philosophy.

Taimanov's Selected Games by Mark Taimanov and Alexei Shirov (1996, Paperback)

He even said that the five years he spent in school were lost for him, as he could have devoted that time to chess. His IQ was incredibly high. For example, he hated communists and was a terrible anti-Semite, although his mother was a practising Jew. Alekhine, Tal, Botvinnik… In the past everyone knew the names of chess players. But, it seems, that ended with Kasparov. The thing is that up until the thirteenth they were all vivid, original personalities.

Each World Champion was also interesting beyond the chessboard. Take, for example, the Karpov-Kasparov match. Another two aspects of contemporary chess that Taimanov regrets are commercialisation, and computers:. Chess has lost its analytical side. They play at blitz speed. Although understandably focussed on the past, Taimanov also comments on some of the up-and-coming stars.

For example, Carlsen:. Nakamura at Tata Steel photo: Fred Lucas. Was it at a surprise for you that first place was taken by the American Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura? Taimanov later returns to Wijk-aan-Zee in the same interview when talking about the loss of status suffered by chess:. But tell me, did even one social or political newspaper in our country cover it?! But when Mikhail Botvinnik entered the theatre the audience would stand up and applaud.

Mark Evgenyevich, your life has been rich in amazing acquaintances. That was in the hospital when I met my twins — Masha and Dima. When children appear in the world everything else really does appear trifling.

Thank you, Nadya, for that! The difference in age between your first son and the twins is 57 years — in essence, two generations! Yes, we have a very funny situation. Mark and Nadezhda with their young children photo: MK. May he rest in peace. I am aged 16 or older. Forgotten your password? No problem!

Fischer - Taimanov: 45 years later - Chigorin Chess Club

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Taimanov's Selected Games by Mark Taimanov and Alexei Shirov (1996, Paperback)

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Amazing games of course Unfortunately though the annotations are filled with Soviet-style bombast about Art and "creative and competitive triumphs" and all that.

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If you've read enough Russian chess books, I think you'll know what I'm talking about. And in places Taimanov's annotations are a bit sporadic; it's definitely the old cliche about a situation that screams for an explanatio Amazing games of course And in places Taimanov's annotations are a bit sporadic; it's definitely the old cliche about a situation that screams for an explanation and none is forthcoming.

Sometimes I was indeed able to figure out what was wrong with a plausible continuation, but sometimes I just had to skip it and move on. I mean, come on Mark, we know you're a fabulous GM and all, but we're just a bunch of plebes out here how about throwing us a bone once in a while? CRB rated it it was amazing Jun 20, Angela Maloney rated it it was amazing Jan 23, Willem Sanderse rated it it was amazing Oct 19, Kaiser added it Mar 28, Paul Cannon added it May 26, Matt Bogen marked it as to-read Oct 05, Stevev marked it as to-read Feb 26, Ulrich Markmann added it Jun 08, Fcharles marked it as to-read Jan 20, Donald is currently reading it Feb 26, JimGeary added it Jun 09, Chiu added it Nov 21, Hassan Ashraf marked it as to-read Jun 25, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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